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14.21% Participation Rate in Kazakhstan Elections During First Three Hours


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Astana, March 19 – Turnout in the elections for deputies to the Majlis (lower house) and slaughterhouses (local representative bodies) of Kazakhstan as of 10 a.m. Astana time (07.00 Moscow time) was 14.21%, according to a member of the parliament’s Central Election Commission. Shavkhat-Otemesov Republic.
In the January 10, 2021 election, voter turnout at that hour was 11.6%.
“According to data provided by regional cities of republican importance, metropolitan committees, as of 10.00 on March 19, 2023, 14.21% of the total number of citizens included in the lists have received ballots,” Utemesov said in a press briefing.

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The majority of voters voted in the Zambil region in the south of the country (16.54%), the least – in the city of Alma-Ata (8.51%).
Early parliamentary and local elections were held in Kazakhstan on March 19. The Central Election Commission recorded the lists of all seven political parties registered in the republic. Among the most numerous are the Amanat, the Democratic Party of Ak Zol, the People’s Party of Kazakhstan, the People’s National Democratic Party of AWIL, the National Social Democratic Party, the Green Party of Kazakhstan “BETAC” and the Respublika party. . Elections for Assembly Deputies are held in single-seat regional constituencies.

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