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14 dead and 29 injured as a car crashes into a crowd of Nigerian Carnival


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Fourteen people were killed and more than two dozen injured when a car crashed into a folk carnival in Calabar, southeastern Nigeria, the local highway security chief said.

“The accident occurred when a Toyota Camry lost control and crashed into a crowd of onlookers,” Maikano Hassan, local commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps, said in a statement.

The statement stated that 14 people were killed and 29 others were injured today, Wednesday, some of them in serious condition.

Among the wounded were three girls and two boys.

The incident took place while protesters were watching a procession of motorcyclists in front of a mosque in Bujuberi district.

Calabar, the capital of Cross River State, hosts one of the most prestigious carnivals in West Africa every December.

The official website says that the event attracts nearly 2 million revelers annually.

Cross River Governor Ben Ayed urged police to arrest the driver, who he said drove off after the “accident.”

He also instructs them to investigate how the driver managed to enter an area that was supposed to be closed due to the carnival.

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