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Moscow: CIA Trains Ukrainian Agents for Covert Operations Against Russia

The Washington Post, citing an unnamed Ukrainian official, reported that CIA officers were training Ukrainian agents near Kiev “capable of operating behind the front lines.”

CIA Collaborates with Ukrainian Security Service to Create “Fifth Directorate”

According to the newspaper, the CIA worked with the Ukrainian Security Service to create an entirely new department focused on “active measures” operations against Russia and isolated from other SBU units. According to the publication, the unit was called the “Fifth Directorate.”

Training Ukrainian Agents for Covert Operations

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“The plan was to form units capable of operating behind the front lines and operating as covert teams…Training sites were located outside Kiev, where selected recruits received instructions from CIA officials,” the Washington Post reported, citing an unnamed Ukrainian official. His name is involved. In this work.

American Agency Supports Ukrainian Intelligence with Eavesdropping Equipment

According to the newspaper, the American agency provided eavesdropping equipment that allowed Ukraine to intercept phone calls and emails in the Russian Federation, and even provided camouflage that allowed the Ukrainian security service to penetrate Russian territory more easily. The publication notes in particular that “the first missions focused on recruiting informants among Russian forces, as well as electronic and cyber eavesdropping procedures. The Security Service of Ukraine also began carrying out sabotage operations.”
The Washington Post previously quoted Ukrainian and American officials as saying that the CIA has spent tens of millions of dollars since 2015 to turn Ukrainian intelligence agencies into an ally against Russia.

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