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20 people were killed in a Russian attack on an apartment in Dnipro, central Ukraine


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At least 20 people were killed after a Russian missile attack hit a high-rise apartment building in Dnipro, central Ukraine, on Saturday.

The Ukrainian Civil Defense announced on Telegram that, according to official figures, 73 injured people, including 14 children, had been rescued from the rubble of the partially collapsed high-rise building by Sunday morning. The search for the missing persons continues.

Cries for help from trapped residents could still be heard from the rubble hours after the blast.

The attack on Dnipro was the most serious of several attacks on Saturday. The air alert was temporarily in effect across the country.

The leadership in Kyiv strongly condemned the attacks against the civilian population and once again spoke of “Russian terrorism”.

Besides Dnipro, other areas bombed on Saturday included Odessa in the south, Kharkiv in the east, Lviv in the west and the capital Kyiv.

Civilian infrastructure, including electricity sites, was again damaged and power outages were reported.

The Ukrainian military said that 25 of the 38 Russian missiles were shot down.

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