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3,500-Year-Old Brown Bear Discovered in Siberia


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Specialists of the Russian North-Eastern Federal University, together with Russian and foreign colleagues, opened the carcass of a brown bear over 3,500 years old.

This rare operation was carried out for the first time in the world, knowing that the body, found in the Republic of Yakutia in northeastern Siberia, is in good condition due to its long stay in eternal ice. The brown bear has retained its soft tissues, and this is its distinguishing feature.

According to the researchers, the appearance of the brown bear found in Yakutia does not differ in shape from modern bears. Thanks to the study of the fossil, scientists will be able to restore the picture of the landscape of that time, and find out what the ancient predator ate. The brain of the animal will be sent to Moscow for study. It can be exhibited at the Museum of the Institute of the Brain of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Source: Planet

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