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4 things you should never do in a medical emergency!


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If a loved one suddenly faints in the garden or stops breathing during dinner, your instincts can quickly take over.

But doctors say you can save a life if you don’t give in to your emotions.

And Dr. John Torres, an emergency physician at Premier Urgent Care in Colorado Springs and a prominent medical contributor to NBC News, presented his list of the four biggest mistakes patients make in an emergency.

Do not call relatives, but an ambulance in the first place

Believe it or not, when disaster strikes many people, their first reaction is to call for help from a loved one—a parent, child, or sibling.

But Dr. Torres says the first contact should always be an emergency number instead. Calling another person, he says, wastes valuable time that he says could be used to treat a patient.

“Once you get to the hospital, you can call whoever you want,” Torres said.

Do not take the patient to the hospital

Dr. Torres notes that while this may seem faster, it also delays the patient’s access to treatment. This is because the ambulances are equipped with medical equipment and staffed by medical professionals to assist patients.

Existing devices may include heart rate monitors, defibrillators, and suction cups or aspirators that can clear the airways.

Dr. Torres adds that taking someone to the hospital can be very distracting for the driver, increasing the risk of accidents.

Do not leave the patient in the emergency room to check him

Once someone is in the emergency room, it can be tempting to think your job is done.

But Dr. Torres says you should stay with them to make sure they are healthy and answer the doctors and nurses’ questions about what happened.

“They won’t think straight, especially if they’re hurt,” he said. “It’s okay to be pushy, but it’s not okay to be obnoxious.”

There have been a number of medical situations where patients have said they only got the care they needed after putting pressure on doctors.

Don’t forget your phone charger, you’ll need it

We all do it: whether it’s in the office or at a party.

However, if you remember, it is very important to bring your charger with you in case of a medical emergency.

“I can’t tell you how many times people come in and their cell phones run out because you’ll be there for six, 10 or 12 hours,” Torres said.

Source: Daily Mail

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