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45% of Xbox Players Fail to Complete the First Mission in Starfield: What Does This Mean for Bethesda’s Reported Player Count?


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45% of Xbox Players Who Installed and Launched Starfield Did Not Complete the First Mission

Recent data shared on Twitter by The7thLevel reveals that nearly half of the players who installed and launched Starfield on an Xbox console did not complete the initial mission of the game. Despite the game’s immense success with over 6 million players at launch, this statistic raises questions about the significance of the player count reported by Bethesda.

User Comment Highlights the Issue

A Twitter user pointed out that 45% of Xbox players who installed Starfield did not even finish the first required mission. This mission is mandatory, meaning that nearly half of the players haven’t progressed beyond the first planet. This raises doubts about the true significance of the reported “6 million players” figure.

Clarifications and Perspectives

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However, it’s important to consider a couple of factors regarding The7thLevel’s data. The reliability of achievement percentages in games can sometimes be questionable. Furthermore, it’s not uncommon for players to leave games unfinished, especially if they are trying them out through platforms like Xbox Game Pass.

A Fun Community Achievement

In an interesting development, the gaming community came together to recreate the M808B Scorpion tank from Halo using the ship editor in Starfield.

You think I’m joking, but see for yourself. 45% of Xbox gamers who installed and downloaded Starfield did not even complete the 1st required quest. This forces you to complete it, meaning that almost half of all Xbox players haven’t even left the first planet. I know how…

– They STILL call me the 7th (@The7thLevel) September 11, 2023

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