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5 Most Common Office Worker Mistakes Leading to Back Pain


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An orthopedic expert has identified five everyday mistakes people make at their desk that can cause back problems.

Dr. Juliet Hobson believes that many people don’t do enough to reduce the stress and strain on themselves in their daily work, and over time, the buildup of stress can cause back pain.

Another mistake that office workers make on a daily basis is not drinking enough water because saving water keeps the joints lubricated, which reduces back pain.

The doctor notes that her clients with back pain often don’t eat enough protein foods, which are important because they stimulate growth and repair in the body.

Also, when it comes to dieting, too many sweets can cause back problems, as sugary snacks cause inflammation and leave nutrients in the area to strengthen.

Dr. Hobson’s final warning is that people make the simple mistake of not spending enough time during work hours. Therefore, she suggests that everyone set reminders on their phones, especially office workers.

She said: “People may not know, but our physical health and our mental health are very interconnected. If the mind is tense, it indicates that the body is in danger. The body responds to stress by disabling the short muscles around the vertebrae. , effectively putting those stabilizing muscles to sleep.” And so you can get out of line, causing pain in your spine.”

She added: “It can cause a person even more stress, which means a continuous cycle of pain and stress. It may seem obvious, but getting up and moving for 10 minutes every 45 minutes can really make a big difference.”

She explained, “Walking is a great way to get your muscles back in shape after sitting still when certain muscles haven’t been used for a while.”

Dr. Hobson has teamed up with Equals Money as part of their campaign to raise awareness of workplace stress leading to physical harassment.

The company conducted a study of 1,500 office workers and found that 88% of them suffer from some form of physical pain, including back, neck or joint pain, while at work.

Of these, 82% believe that the level of stress at work contributes to their physical discomfort.

As a result, 36% said that pain distracts them from work, and a quarter said it prevents them from enjoying activities outside of work.

And when it comes to pain relief, 31% of them take strong painkillers and 47% use orthopedic insoles.

It also found that 90% of office workers suffer from work stress. The results showed that 56% experience excessive workload, 31% lack of communication and 28% poor management, which are some of the main causes of stress in the workplace.

Three-quarters of them said that workplace stress made them look for a new job, and 29% of them were actively looking for one. And 60% were forced to leave work due to stress.

Source: Express

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