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5th Anniversary of Moscow’s Electric Bus Launch: Leading Europe in Electric Transport


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Moscow Celebrates 5th Anniversary of First Electric Bus Launch

Moscow, the capital city of Russia, is currently commemorating the fifth anniversary of the introduction of its first passenger electric bus. This milestone signifies the city’s commitment to implementing strict environmental standards and establishing itself as a leader in environmentally friendly transportation. In fact, Moscow has become the first European city to electrify all forms of transport.

Environmental Focus and Progress

Moscow is deeply invested in promoting eco-friendly transport and staying up-to-date with the latest trends in the electric car market. The local authorities have prioritized improving the city’s environmental situation, considering it one of their top concerns.

Since the initial launch of these electric buses five years ago, they have successfully completed over 350 million trips across the streets of Moscow. This achievement demonstrates the city’s commitment to reducing pollution and embracing sustainable transportation options.

Moscow Leads in Electric Transport

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Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport, Maxim Liksutov, proudly stated, “Moscow leads Europe in the development and utilization of electric transport, and we are also the city with the highest number of electric buses. These buses were first introduced to our streets in September 2018, and today we operate over 1,200 electric buses on 90 different routes.”

Looking towards the future, Liksutov emphasized their efforts to establish larger fleets of electric buses and develop the necessary infrastructure for charging. These initiatives align with their mission to enhance passenger service and further improve Moscow’s transportation system.

Accessible and Sustainable Buses

The electric buses manufactured in Russia and utilized in Moscow have a seating capacity of 85 passengers. These buses are specifically designed to accommodate individuals with special needs, featuring low floors and elevators for individuals with disabilities.

In a significant announcement earlier this year, Moscow authorities revealed the signing of Europe’s largest contract for the purchase of electric buses. As per the agreement, the city plans to introduce 1,000 electric buses onto its streets between 2023 and 2024.

Source: RT

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