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6th Highest Number of Billionaires Recorded in Moscow Globally


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The American Forbes magazine published a list of ten cities in the world with billionaires, in which Moscow ranked sixth.

Moscow took sixth place, overtaking Indian Mumbai and losing to London, which took fifth place.

It is noteworthy that 61 billionaires live in Moscow, which is 8 billionaires more than in 2022.

The magazine notes that “Moscow has risen from seventh place to sixth. The fortune of 61 billionaires amounted to $307 billion, an increase of $92 billion compared to last year.”

It said that the richest man in Moscow is businessman Vladimir Potanin, who is worth an estimated $23.7 billion.

According to the magazine, the first city in the number of billionaires was New York, which is home to 101 billionaires, whose net worth amounted to $616.8 billion.

Michael Bloomberg was named the richest New Yorker with $94.5 billion, while San Francisco came in tenth with 37 billionaires.

The list includes London, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, the Chinese city of Shenzhen, Singapore and the Indian city of Delhi.

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