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7 Habits That Cause Wrinkles: Expert Tips to Prevent Skin Aging


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Combatting Wrinkles and Fine Lines: Healthy Habits for Your Skin

Many individuals follow a daily skincare routine to address the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, which are the most noticeable signs of aging.

Skin aging typically occurs as collagen and elastin break down with age, leading to a loss of elasticity. However, everyday actions such as drinking through a straw or using hot water when showering can also contribute to the development of wrinkles, according to dermatologist Dr. Dev Patel.

The Habits That Impact Your Skin’s Quality

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Dr. Patel, an esthetician at Perfect Skin Solutions, has identified seven habits that can deteriorate the quality of your skin and make it more prone to wrinkles:

  1. Steam Shower
  2. While a hot shower may feel soothing in the moment, Dr. Patel explains that it can have long-term negative effects on the skin. Hot water can cause inflammation on the skin’s surface, leading to moisture loss and dryness. To maintain a healthy skin barrier, it is recommended to use lukewarm water instead.

  3. Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes
  4. The skin around the eyes is delicate and susceptible to damage. Rubbing your eyes can cause tension and stretch the skin, leading to premature wrinkles and collagen breakdown. It is advised to refrain from rubbing your eyes, even if they feel itchy, to maintain the skin’s health and smoothness.

  5. Limit Excessive Skin Cleansing
  6. Cleansing your face to remove makeup, sunscreen, and dirt is essential, but over-cleansing can strip away the skin’s natural oils that keep it hydrated and supple. Dr. Patel suggests using a plant-based cleanser with ceramides to nourish the skin and avoiding cleansers with irritants that can cause inflammation and dryness.

  7. Wear Sunglasses
  8. Sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory; they play a crucial role in protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. Neglecting to wear sunglasses on sunny days can lead to wrinkles, age spots, and loss of skin elasticity over time.

  9. Be Mindful of Phone Usage
  10. Constantly looking down at screens can result in a phenomenon called “technical neck.” This repetitive flexion of the neck can cause stress and trauma to the muscles and tissues, leading to wrinkles and folds in the skin. To prevent this, it is recommended to maintain good posture and take breaks from screen time.

  11. Consider Your Sleeping Position
  12. If you prefer sleeping on your side or stomach, it may negatively impact your skin. Pressing your face against the pillow can contribute to the formation of wrinkles over time. To minimize skin friction, using a silk or satin pillowcase is recommended.

  13. Avoid Drinking Through a Straw
  14. Drinking through a straw and frequently pursing your lips can accentuate wrinkles around your mouth, including laugh lines and lip wrinkles. As collagen levels decrease with age, the skin becomes weaker, leading to the development of deep vertical furrows. It is advisable to drink liquids without using a straw.

By being mindful of these habits, you can help maintain the health and appearance of your skin for a smoother and more youthful complexion.

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