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Today, on Wednesday, the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Authority approved the issuance of a permit for the construction of the third block at the Dabaa nuclear power plant.

And in accordance with the Law No. 7 of 2010 on the regulation of nuclear and radiological activities and its implementing regulations, issued by the Prime Minister’s Decree No. 1326 of 2011 and what was included in Article 13 of the Procedures for Licensing Stages of Nuclear Facilities, and amendments to the law issued by Decree No. 211 of 2017, which specified various procedures for licensing nuclear facilities, the Nuclear and Radiation Control Authority took the necessary measures to verify that the highest levels of safety were in place for the Dabaa nuclear facility. project in accordance with the highest international standards, namely:

– Holding dialogue sessions with representatives of the Nuclear Power Plants Directorate to discuss the Nuclear Power Plants Directorate’s response to electricity generation based on the results of the audit, as well as to take into account the results of the dialogue on the review and evaluation of the first and second blocks, when preparing the review and evaluation report for the third block.

– The control body accurately assessed the differences between the third block and the first and second blocks, and all requests from the Office were answered by representatives of the license applicant through intensive meetings at the headquarters of the Office.

Based on the results of the inspection, evaluation and inspection, the safety of the third unit of the Dabaa NPP has been verified and no risks to humans, the environment or property have been proven. The Board of Directors of the Office for Nuclear and Radiation Control at its meeting No. (2) for 2023 decided to issue a permit for the construction of the third power unit of the Dabaa nuclear power plant, and in accordance with the conditions of the permit.

The Authority will continue its efforts to verify the obligations of the Nuclear Power Plant Authority to generate electricity with the conditions of the issued permit and regulatory control for the implementation of the construction phase and the production of equipment, as well as to carry out the necessary inspections within the scope of the role of the Nuclear and Radiological Control Authority in verifying the safety of people, environment and property in all Egyptian lands, potential hazards, and to ensure the promotion of the safe and peaceful use of nuclear technology in all aspects of development.

Source: Egyptian media

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