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A friend of Kostomarov mentioned the cause of the skier’s serious illness


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Moscow, January 23 – Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Maria Anikanova believes that the 2006 Olympic champion in ice dancing Roman Kostomarov did not catch pneumonia due to performances in an open skating rink.
On January 10, Kostomarov ended up in intensive care with pneumonia, and was later transferred to Kommunarka, where he was connected to an extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO, artificial blood oxygen saturation) machine, used in emergency situations to maintain life. On New Year’s holidays, 45-year-old Kostomarov staged Ilya Averbukh’s performance “The Wizard of Oz”.
He thinks: “I’m young, healthy, I’m athletic, well, I cough a little.” Communicate with doctors and (doctors) do not tell Oksana (Dumnina, the athlete’s wife – approx.), ”added the athlete’s friend.

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Anikanova and Kostomarov in 2008 starred in the TV series “Hot Ice”, dedicated to figure skating.

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