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A high blood pressure drug that has been shown to slow down aging and prolong life.


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A team of researchers has found that the drug rilmenidine can help people live longer and slow down aging.

The results, published in Aging Cell, show that young and older animals treated with brelimnidin, which is currently used to treat high blood pressure, have increased lifespan and improved health markers, mimicking the effects of caloric restriction.

Very excited about the repurposing of an existing drug (rilmenidine) to fight aging and age-related diseases. 🧵

Rilmenidine is used to treat hypertension with rare, mild side effects. We have shown in worms that it increases lifespan (~20%) and longevity.

— Joao Pedro de Magalhães (@jpsenescence) January 21, 2023

Hypertension drug can be used to slow down aging

A new study reports that rilmenidine, a drug commonly prescribed to treat hypertension, may help slow the effects of aging and increase life expectancy.#aging#neurobiology#the science

— Neurology News (@NeuroscienceNew) January 23, 2023

Researchers have demonstrated benefits of riminidin treatment in terms of good health and longevity in C. elegans roundworms.

Unlike other drugs that researchers have previously studied for this purpose, the widely prescribed oral antihypertensive drug relmenidine has potential for future use in humans because side effects are rare and not severe.

To date, a calorie-restricted diet is the most powerful anti-aging tool for promoting longevity in different species. However, human studies of calorie restriction have yielded mixed results and side effects, meaning that the discovery of drugs like rilmenidine could mimic the benefits of calorie restriction, the most sensible anti-aging strategy.

Professor João Pedro Magalhães, who led the study while at the University of Liverpool and now at the University of Birmingham, said: “As the world’s population ages, the benefits of delaying aging, however slight, are enormous.” untapped potential of human application in gerontology. For the first time, we were able to show in animals that rilmenidine can increase lifespan. We are now looking to explore whether the drug has other clinical uses.”

Source: Medical Express

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