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A List of the Top 10 Most Costly Arab Teams


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Morocco tops the list of the most expensive Arab football teams for men for the current year 2023, according to data published by the well-known statistics site Transfermarkt.

The Moroccan national team is ranked thirteenth in the world and first in the Arab world with a total value estimated at (310.1) million euros, which includes the value of all its international players, according to the well-known statistics website Transfer. Market”.

This is due to the professionalism of many players on the Moroccan national team in Europe and the significant rise in the value of its players after finishing fourth at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, becoming the first Arab and African team to achieve this achievement.

Ashraf Hakimi, Paris Saint-Germain’s French defender, is the most expensive player on the Atlas Lions team with a value of up to €70 million, which is (22.5%) of the team’s total value, and Nayef Akrad is second with a net worth at 32 million euros, and Nasir Mazraoui is in third place with a fortune of 28 million euros.

The Algerian national team ranks second in the list of the most expensive Arab teams with a score of (185.55) million euros.

Algeria owes Milan’s Italian star Ismail Ben Nasser, who has an estimated market value of €40m, and Riyad Mahrez, the Manchester City midfielder, around €30m.

The Egypt national team is third on the list of the most expensive Arab teams with a total value of 112 million euros thanks to the presence of the star Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool striker, who has a market value of 70 million euros. , which is equivalent to (62.5%) the market value of his country’s national team.

Omar Marmoush and Mustafa Mohamed are tied for second with a net worth of €6 million each, followed by Zamalek player Ahmed Syed Zizou in fourth place with a net worth of (4.5) million euros.

Below is a list of the most valuable Arab teams for 2023 according to Transfermarkt, which specializes in player and manager salaries, the transfer market and the financial value of football clubs and teams:

Morocco (€310.10) million

Algeria (€185.55 million)

Egypt (€112m)

Tunisia (€52.53) million

UAE (€18.55) million

Saudi Arabia (€14.55) million

Syria (€11.90) million

Jordan (€9.75) million

Iraq (8.13) million euros

Bahrain (7.30) million euros.

Source: Transfermarkt

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