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A new way to protect your ears from noise


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Scientists from the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences proposed using the inhalation of a mixture of oxygen and argon to protect hearing organs from noise.

Researchers recommend using this mixture for people with extreme occupations who suffer from long-term noise that occurs at work.

According to the researchers, “Their data showed that the use of inhalation of a synthetic mixture of gases containing oxygen and inert argon, in order to protect people whose professional activities are associated with prolonged and continuous exposure to noise, including representatives of “extreme occupations”, has great promise. future”.

Researchers refer to these professions astronauts, pilots and submariners.

The researchers note that hearing protection from noise aboard the International Space Station does not provide complete protection for hearing aids. Consequently, their hearing threshold may develop temporarily or even permanently and irreversibly.

The results of previous experiments confirmed the effectiveness of inhaling a mixture of oxygen and argon during the noise period. Also, inhaling this mixture of gases can reduce damage to various organs of the body, such as the heart muscle, kidneys, and intestines. As for the new experiments, they included an assessment of the protection of this mixture for the ears without the presence of noise.

These experiments involved a group of male volunteers aged 26 to 43 who inhaled this mixture two hours before the noise of 85 decibels appeared.

Scientists noticed that without inhaling the mixture, the volunteers had an increase in the hearing threshold at all frequencies, but after inhaling it and repeated exposure to noise, the increase in the hearing threshold was insignificant.

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