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A nutritionist explains when tangerine becomes harmful to the body


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Dr. Tatyana Zalitova, a Russian nutritionist, said that excessive consumption of tangerines can be harmful to health.

And the expert pointed out in an interview with Radio Sputnik that tangerine fruits are rich in useful substances, the first of which is vitamin C, and they are rich, like other citrus fruits, in useful nutrients, especially in cold weather. season. But excessive consumption increases the risk of allergies and puts additional strain on the kidneys.

And she says: “If you overeat tangerines, you can show signs of allergies due to the high concentration of vitamin C in the body. That is, a person may develop a skin rash (urticaria), and the load on the kidneys also increases. “

According to her, people with problems of the genitourinary system should use tangerines with caution. We also do not recommend overeating tangerines for those who suffer from digestive problems.

She says, “Tangerines are citrus fruits, which means they irritate the stomach lining and cause gastritis in people with chronic digestive problems.”

She adds that tangerines contain a high percentage of fructose sugar.

She says: “This should be paid attention to patients with diabetes and those who suffer from problems with carbohydrate metabolism, and those who have decided to lose weight.”

According to her, the number of tangerines that a person eats should not exceed 500 grams per day. It is not recommended to eat tangerines immediately after a meal, but it is better to enjoy them during the day.

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