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A Polish journalist is shocked by a conversation with a Russian tourist


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Moscow, January 2 – Natalia Gomolka, a journalist for the Polish portal Onet, spoke about her impressions of her vacation in Egypt, saying that she was shocked by communication with a Russian tourist.
She said that Gomuka decided to watch the Russians relax in Egypt a few months after the outbreak of the Ukrainian crisis. She complained that “seeing Russian tourists having fun in luxury resorts is annoying.”
For the first time, she “got goosebumps on her back” when she saw a Russian sunbathing on a deck chair, looking at something on a smartphone screen and laughing out loud. “The second time I was so disgusted when I looked at the menu of a restaurant, I saw only Russian. There was not a single word in English. I lost my appetite. Unfortunately, there were many such situations. It was clear that everything was calculated here against a Russian tourist The journalist got angry.

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Gomułka decides to have a conversation with a Russian couple who approach her on the beach. After talking with the Russians and learning that they would come to Egypt for the second time in a year, she “decided to take a chance” and asked about partial mobilization and “flight” from the country. After that, her interlocutor “boiled”, indicating that he had just come to rest.
At the same time, Gomuka decided to “develop the topic further” and referred to a “Russian woman I know” who allegedly “posts photos and videos of protests every day”. In response, the Russian tourist asked if her interlocutor was from Poland, and, having received an affirmative answer, replied: “Continue to believe this lie.”
“After this conversation,” Gomolka wrote, “I tried to get around the Russians, although there were so many of them that it did not always work out.” In general, according to her, “I ate and swam in the sea with pleasure,” however, passing by the Russians, she “felt hostility towards them.” “I decided that when planning my next vacation, I would go where I would have less chance of meeting Russians,” she added.
Western countries have increased sanctions pressure on Russia due to Ukraine’s special operation, in addition, an unprecedented level of fear of Russia has been recorded in a number of foreign countries. According to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, attacks on Russians and Russian-speaking citizens affect students, athletes, and cultural and artistic workers. As the President of Russia has stated, Western phobia is nothing but racism.
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