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A supposed PulseChain supporter shocks Peter McCormack with an unpleasant surprise


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In an unusual turn of events, Peter McCormack, famed storyteller, commentator and host of the popular Web3 and crypto podcast “What Bitcoin Did,” reported receiving a bag of poop in the mail.

The incident was brought to light by a tweet by Eric Wall, a Swedish researcher and investor known for his work in the cryptocurrency space.

McCormack’s tweet, which was relayed by Wall, revealed that the package was accompanied by a note accusing both McCormack and Wall of being frauds and signed by “Politics”.

The identity of the sender remains unknown, but the content of the note has led to speculation that the act may have been committed by a disgruntled fan of PulseChain, a fork of the Ethereum blockchain that aims to offer cheaper fees, higher throughput, and fee burn.

Obvious insult

Eric Wall, best known for founding the Simp DAO, is a former advisor to the Human Rights Foundation on cryptocurrency and privacy. Previously, he was Chief Investment Officer at Arcane Assets, a Scandinavian cryptocurrency hedge fund.

Wall’s tweet humorously noted that McCormack had “finally received the chain heartbeat takedown”.

The incident caught the cryptocurrency community by surprise, with many questioning the motives behind such an act. McCormack’s tweet included a call for Richard Hart, the supposed founder or important figure in the PulseChain community, to “take control of his people.”

The tweet also referenced a podcast episode, hinting that the first 35 minutes might provide insight into what might have triggered such a response. The podcast, titled “Bitcoin’s Wall’d Garden with Eric Wall,” is available on McCormack’s platform, “What Bitcoin.”

McCormack’s latest What Bitcoin episode with Eric Wall could shed light on the motives behind the unpleasant package that was sent to McCormack. In the episode, McCormack and Wall engage in a critical discussion about Richard Hart’s hex cryptocurrency and the PulseChain community.

Wall likens Operation Hex to a cult, citing the “48 Laws of Power” to support his argument. It is suggested that Heart incorporated elements from the book into his management of the Hex, including asking for sacrifices from the community.

The podcast’s critical tone, particularly towards the Heart and Hex community, may have prompted a negative reaction from a PulseChain fan or even people directly involved in the project.

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