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According to Graham Nash, David Crosby Passed Away While They Were Engaged in Combat With COVID-19


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Graham Nash, David Crosby’s former bandmate in Crosby, Stills, and Nash, claims that David Crosby passed away due to complications arising from the COVID-19 virus.

David Crosby Passed Away While They Were Engaged in Combat With COVID-19_

When the musician David Crosby passed away in January at 81, Nash stated that “none of us” realized Crosby was near death. He used words like “shocked” and “sort of like an earthquake” to describe the passing of the two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee.

According to a statement made by Nash in a podcast episode titled “Kyle Meredith With…” published on Friday, “He was rehearsing for a gig to do in Los Angeles with a full band.” “After three days of rehearsals, he started to feel queasy and sick to his stomach. And he’d previously been diagnosed with COVID, and now he was diagnosed with it again. Thus, he returned home, where he decided to nap, from which he never emerged. Yet, he passed away peacefully in his own bed, which is remarkable.”

In addition, Nash revealed that some “expected David to pass away 20 years ago, so the fact that he made it to 81 was astounding.” He expressed his happiness that he and Crosby had become more friendly over the past few years. “He had a good life. Such amazing music he was able to create. He was an outstanding raconteur, “said Nash. “I loved him very much, and when I think back on what caused us to drift apart, I see that it was simply silly stuff.”

Jan Dance, who had been married to Crosby for 36 years, announced his passing in January through a statement.

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According to an earlier story from Yahoo Entertainment, the statement reads: “It is with great regret that we announce that our beloved David (Croz) Crosby has gone away after a long illness.” “He was cherished by his wife, soulmate Jan, and son, Django, who surrounded him with love. Even if he is no longer physically present with us, his kind spirit and compassionate humanity will continue to direct and motivate us. His iconic songs will ensure that his legacy will live on for generations. All those who knew David and all those whose lives he impacted might find peace, love, and harmony. All of us will greatly miss him. As we mourn and attempt to come to terms with the immensity of our loss, we humbly and politely request privacy during this difficult time. I am grateful for the love and prayers that have been sent.”

In an interview with Variety from the previous year, Crosby talked about his previous encounter with COVID-19 and described it as a “terrible” experience.

“COVID is a strange condition. It is horrible for your health and leaves you feeling sick. That has been an ordeal of the highest order… it’s no fun at all, “Crosby added. “If there’s any way you can steer clear of it, you really should.”

At 80, Crosby claimed he was no longer in good enough health to continue touring and performing as he once did.

“I can’t do that now because I’m too old. I can’t do it anymore because I’m getting too old. “It was generous of him. “I don’t have the energy to keep going, and I don’t have the strength to keep going.”

David Crosby Passed Away While They Were Engaged in Combat With COVID-1 9_

Crosby revealed to the L.A. Times in 2019 that he anticipated dying soon. He also mentioned the years he had “wasted just getting hammered” during his struggle with an addiction to drugs and alcohol. Despite this, he disclosed in an interview with Yahoo Entertainment that, despite experiencing what he called “survivor’s guilt” because so many of his talented contemporaries had passed away at a young age, he was well aware of the fact that he needed to make the most of the time he had left.

“You ask, ‘Why me?’ I don’t know the answer to that question. Still, the response will be, “OK, well, I don’t know why, but I’m here.” Hence, if you are allowed to accomplish something during your lifetime, you should make an effort to accomplish something good, “he stated.

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