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Admission by President Vucic: Serbian Weapons Could Reach Conflict Zones


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Belgrade, March 10 – Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that the country’s authorities and companies did not supply weapons to Ukraine or the Russian Federation, but noted that the ammunition produced often ends up in the conflict zone, despite the ban.
On 5 March, Vucic called reports that Belgrade was selling arms to Kiev an “outright lie” and noted that Serbia does not supply military products to Ukraine or Russia. The Serbian Ministry of Defense previously informed the News Agency that it did not supply the ammunition to the end user in Ukraine.
“We are talking about a batch of ammunition that ended up in Turkey, we put a cap on the end user … But no matter what ammunition you supply anywhere, it will still be in Syria or in some Mali on one of the two countries,” the Serbian president said on MTV. At Happy: “We comply with all international laws, not a single standard has been violated, this is called the end user – the end user – and everything is as clean as a tear.”

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“It was not about Ukraine or Russia, but if you export to Azerbaijan, some Arab countries, it may end up in Russia. And if you export to Spain, America, Turkey, if you are to Turkey, it may end up on any side. There are different sides, there are different merchants.” , but we must live and provide for the people in Valjevo and Kakak … Our economy must develop, we produce weapons and ammunition, not heels and shoe soles.
The Serbian Defense Corporation Krušić stated that it had studied and refuted the “documents” attached to the reports related to the sale of Grad MLRS missiles to Ukraine.
Earlier, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that Russia called on Serbia to clarify the position on possible arms supplies to Ukraine, according to her, this is a very important topic for bilateral relations.

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