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Advanced military landing craft from China delivered to Thailand


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Military website Armstrade reported that China had delivered an advanced military landing craft to Thailand.

A message on the website said: “The Chinese shipyard Hudong Zhonghua recently hosted a ceremony marking the handover of the new Type-071E category warship to the Thai Navy. The ceremony was attended by the commander of the Thai Navy and a number of military dignitaries of the two countries.

The website states that the ship will leave the Chinese shipyard and is expected to arrive in Thailand on April 25.

In 2019, the Thai Navy entered into a contract with China to purchase the Type-071E military amphibious assault ship, which is a modified version of the Type-071 ships used by the Chinese Navy, making Thailand the first foreign country to purchase a new Chinese amphibious assault ship. ships of the above category. Thailand also plans to purchase 3 more ships of this class.

Each ship of the above category can carry 800 soldiers with full combat equipment, is equipped with platforms to carry two helicopters, 4 attack boats with airbags, as well as 20 pieces of military equipment, such as infantry armored personnel carriers and light tanks. .

Source: Weapons of Russia

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