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Advanced naval destroyer delivered to Chinese army.


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Naval News reported that the Chinese Navy has acquired a new Type-055 naval destroyer.

The Chinese Navy has commissioned the Sanyang destroyer, which is the eighth Type 055 ship to be incorporated into the Chinese military’s navy, the website said. This destroyer was first shown on Chinese state television. time with number (108) April 23 last year.

The site states that the Chinese Navy commissioned the first Type-055 ship in January 2020, and to date, it owns 8 ships of this category: Nanchang, Lhasa, Anshan, Wuxi, Dalian, Yan’an, Zunyi and Sanyang These ships have serial numbers from 101 to 108.

Type 055 ships belong to the category of fourth-generation military destroyers and serve as escort ships for attack aircraft carriers, and can also be used as fleet control centers in hostilities, as well as combat and defensive ships.

Each of these ships is 183 meters long, 20 meters wide and can carry a crew of 300, reach speeds of 30 knots and travel 5,000 nautical miles per mission.

These ships are armed with HQ-26 missiles similar to the American SM-3 missiles, HQ-9B anti-aircraft missiles, YJ-18A anti-ship missiles, as well as 130mm guns, HQ-10 close-range missiles, and torpedo launchers.

Source: Weapons of Russia

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