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After 15 years of effort, he achieved a distinctive farming venture in Egypt.


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Mujahid Ammar, Deputy Secretary of the Institute of Crop Production and Melioration of Egypt, said that two days ago the first harvest of wheat began, which was sown with new seeds.

He explained that these new seeds, obtained from the Sakha plant in Kafr El Sheikh, had borne fruit after 15 years of experimentation.

The Deputy Minister of Agricultural Crops confirmed that the seeds that were sown at the Sakha station, which is the first experimental cultivation, have achieved a success in terms of yield by 31%. the new seeds yielded about 25,000 ardebs per feddan.

Ammar added that Egypt 4 and Sakha 96 are among the new seeds that have been tested, grown and started harvesting, explaining that Sakha 96 is an early-ripening wheat with excellent quality for bread production, as it consumes 25% less water than other seeds.

He explained that Egypt 4 seeds are high-yielding and good seeds and belong to the Egypt 1, 2 and 3 series, stressing that these seeds will be given to companies next season and distributed to farmers in the 2025 season.

The deputy secretary of the Agricultural Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture confirmed that Egypt’s wheat production is expected to be 12 million tons by 2025, with about 4 million acres under wheat.

Source Cairo 24

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