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Against the backdrop of record price increases… Al-Bayid boycott campaign in Algeria


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Activists, including traders, have launched a social media campaign in Algeria to boycott eggs from buying them after their prices recently hit record highs.

After the price of a plate of eggs reached 700 Algerian dinars, activists, including traders, launched a campaign to boycott their purchase, and images and slogans calling for a boycott were circulated until prices stabilized at the previous level.

Slogans, pictures and banners were scattered on various pages calling for a boycott of its purchase, such as: “Please do not buy eggs”, “I am a merchant who cuts eggs”, “I set it on fire”, “Let it hatch,” and “Block way to higher prices. In order to hit the article monopolists in the market.

And on the website of the Algerian TV channel An-Nahar, it is indicated that these prices have deprived poor and middle families of proteins and food with a meat substitute.

The Algerian consumer advocacy organization, which has raised the issue of the high price of eggs several times in the past, has expressed “full and complete” support for the boycott campaigns.

Source: An-Nahar website.

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