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Ahmed el-Sheikh Appointed as Head of Egyptian Stock Exchange, Replacing Rami el-Dokani – Cairo 24


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Appointment of Ahmed el-Sheikh as Head of the Egyptian Stock Exchange

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On Thursday, Egyptian Prime Minister Mustafa Madbouli made the decision to appoint Ahmed el-Sheikh as the new head of the Egyptian Stock Exchange. He will serve in this role for one year, replacing Rami el-Dokani who assumed the position on August 25, 2022.

End of Rami El Dokani’s Term as Chairman

Rami El Dokani’s term as Chairman of the Egyptian Stock Exchange came to an end on August 24. Heba El Serafi, Vice President of the Stock Exchange, also concluded her term.

Succession of Al-Dokani as President

Al-Dokani succeeded Mohamed Farid as President of the Egyptian Stock Exchange. Farid, who held the position as President of the General Directorate of Financial Supervision, had his term extended for another year by the President of Egypt.

Restoring Discipline and Market Activity

According to the Egyptian website Cairo 24, Rami El Dokani was able to restore discipline to the stock exchange during his one-year tenure. His leadership played a significant role in revitalizing the market and achieving record levels of activity that Egypt had not seen in previous years.

Removal of the egx50 Index

Rami El-Dokani made the decision to remove the egx50 index with equal weights due to its lack of feasibility, quality, and expected benefits.

Source: Egyptian media.

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