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Ahsoka: Exploring New Galaxies, Reconnecting with the Saga’s Past, and the Return of a Formidable Antagonist


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Ahsoka: An Exciting Addition to the Star Wars Universe

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Despite its obvious connection to the animated series Rebels (which tells the story of the rebels’ fight against the Grand Admiral of the Empire: Thrawn), Ahsoka introduces many elements that give cause for celebration. Whether it’s new story possibilities, a development of certain subplots, a reconnection with the past of the saga or quite simply the unexpected sequel to one of the most popular Star Wars series…

A Second Galaxy

One of the biggest news is the mention of a second galaxy. This has never been mentioned in the canon Star Wars universe – officially recognized by Disney – until now and has many advantages. First of all, two distinct worlds mean twice as many possibilities, but above all an opportunity to make a clean slate. Where Star Wars is often criticized for constantly picking up the pieces, the introduction of a new galaxy would allow new elements to be included without linking them to what has already been done. This is completely linked to what Dave Filoni, director of the series, mentioned: if the first seasons of The Mandalorian And The Book of Boba Fett constitute the first narrative arc of the “official” story, then Ahsoka is the beginning of the second. We can even imagine this new galaxy as an opportunity to bring certain elements from legend to canon, which the saga seems to have been trying to do for some time.

Ahsoka Also Reconnects with the Past of the Saga

Indeed, already in episode 9, The Rise of Skywalker, we could see names mentioned like Revan, the famous character from Knight of the Old Republic. Recently, we also heard rumors about an Old Republic series being considered by Disney +. This continues in Ahsoka with the Eye of Zion, this ship capable of crossing galaxies! As a reminder, Dark Sion is one of the main antagonists of Knight of The Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. In the same way, these orange sabers, seen in the series (although rare even in the legend), are used by the Mandalorians in the comics The Old Republic, another link with this era which does not yet exist in the canon. It becomes obvious that the saga tends to reconnect with this period so appreciated by fans which was abandoned when Disney acquired Lucasfilm in 2014.

Development of the Nightsisters

We also notice that the saga reconnects with concepts left until then in the background. Indeed, the Nightsisters and their powers arrive for the first time in a live action production, with Morgan Elsbeth. This character introduced as the opposite of Ahsoka in the series The Mandalorian therefore turns out to be a Nightsister, namely a witch from Dathomir (seen in the game Jedi Fallen Order). These people live on Darth Maul’s home planet and it is at the heart of it that they draw the source of their powers thanks to black magic: magical ichor. This allows them to access power abilities comparable to those of the Jedi or the Sith: teleportation, protective fields, vital absorption, etc. These new powers will perhaps give rise to new aesthetics in the series’ fights that will surely be impressive. What’s more, the development of a plot around the people endemic to Dathomir works very well with the return of Admiral Thrawn, known to have a particular interest in all these subcultures of the galaxy.

The Return of an Excellent Antagonist

Grand Admiral Thrawn, main antagonist of the series Rebels, therefore makes her return in Ahsoka. Her connection to Morgan Elsbeth is still unclear, but the Nightsister is searching for her. This character was to be the replacement for Emperor Palpatine at the head of the galaxy, which testifies to his importance and his aura. Starting from the bottom of the ladder and despite the racism he suffered within the Empire, he became one of the most influential commanders. An enemy who should therefore be able to have major repercussions on the plot of this new arc. His incredible skills in military tactics and strategies should be able to offer us good turnarounds and a scenario, why not, quite elaborate. One thing is certain, he is a worthy opponent!

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