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Air pollution negatively affects brain function


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A team of scientists from the University of British Columbia and the University of Victoria in Canada found that even breathing in air polluted by car exhaust fumes can cause brain damage for a short period.

The Journal of Environmental Health points out that during this study, scientists exposed 25 healthy adult volunteers to substances produced by the combustion of diesel fuel, as well as to clean filtered air at different times. After each stage, they measured brain activity using functional magnetic resonance imaging. They then analyzed changes in different areas of the brain responsible for memory and thinking.

And it became clear to the researchers that the level of communication between the aforementioned parts of the brain decreased even when they were exposed to polluted air for no more than two hours. According to the researchers, this was reflected in the appearance of problems in cognitive functions and symptoms of depression in the participants of the experiment.

And the researchers add: The changes in the brains of the participants were temporary, as after a breath of fresh air, their condition returned to normal. However, these changes can have far-reaching effects with long-term exposure to the pollutant. Therefore, the researchers plan to conduct additional studies in this direction, which are more comprehensive.

Source: Linta. RU

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