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Al-Ahly Takes 4 Decisions to Support Palestinian People After Gaza Bombing


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Al-Ahly’s Support for the Palestinian People: Official Statement

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In response to the recent bombing of the Gaza Strip, Al-Ahly, an Egyptian Club, has announced its solidarity with the Palestinian people. The club has issued an official statement outlining four decisions it will undertake to support our brothers in Palestine.

Commitment to the Palestinian Cause

Al-Ahly, through its website, expresses its condolences for the martyrs in Palestine and emphasizes its dedication to standing alongside the Palestinian cause. The club also condemns the international silence surrounding the suffering endured by the Gaza Strip.

Al-Ahly’s Decisions

In a recent official statement, Al-Ahly has announced four new decisions made by its management to aid and support the Palestinian people in their struggle against the bombings.

Decisions of the club’s board of directors today 🔴

– Al Ahly Club (@AlAhly) October 18, 2023

1. Suspension of Broadcasting

Al-Ahly will halt broadcasting on all official platforms, including the official website and its current TV channel, as a demonstration of solidarity with the Palestinian people. This decision also serves as a rejection of the unjust aggression they are currently facing.

2. Blood Donation Drive

Members of Al-Ahly at all four club branches (Al Jazeera – Sheikh Zayed – Nasr City – Fifth Settlement) are invited to donate blood in support of our brothers in Palestine.

3. Mourning the Martyrs

All of the club’s sports teams will wear black armbands during matches in all stadiums as a tribute to the souls of the martyrs in Palestine.

4. Financial Support

The proceeds from ticket sales for the upcoming match between Al Ahly and Simba Tanzania in the African Football League will be donated to benefit our brothers in Palestine.

Source: Twitter/AlAhly

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