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Al-Ahly’s first reaction from Egypt after Mortada Mansour called Kahraba a “fugitive”.


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Egyptian club Al Ahly announced that it had filed three complaints against Zamalek club president Mortada Mansour after the latter insulted Red Genie star Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kahrab.

Al Ahli Club said in a statement posted on its website today, Monday: “This morning the club filed three complaints each with the Egyptian Football Association and the Association of Professional Clubs… and with the Disciplinary Committee against President Zamalek for being insulted and insulted Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kahrab through various media and the official channel of his club. Al-Ahly player with words punishable by law and violation of the rights of his parents, belittling and intimidating the player, describing him as a monkey, a dog, a vagrant and impolite.

????????| Al Ahli files three complaints with the Football Association, League and Disciplinary Association against President Zamalek for insulting and cursing Kahraba and insulting a player.

– Al Ahly Club ???? (@AlAhly) January 23, 2023

The statement added: “Similarly, the president of Zamalek has ridiculed and insulted the Al Ahly club and its board of directors. This is a matter that violates all the principles, values, laws and rules of the Egyptian and international football federations. It even stirs up strife and helps create tension among football fans.”

Al-Ahly presented a folder of documents containing “CDs” containing examples of “excesses, insults and insults committed by the president of Zamalek against and humiliation of the player Mahmoud Kahrab, as well as against the Al-Ahly club” and its officials. “.

In its complaint, the club demanded the implementation of the regulations, describing President Zamalek as a representative of his club, as one of the elements of the game.

And after Kahraba scored in a match his team Al Ahly won against his former club Zamalek at the top of week 14 of the league, Mansour appeared at a press conference last Saturday describing Kahraba as a “fugitive “. “.

And the FIFA International Federation of Football Associations decided to suspend Kahrab for a period of 6 months and fine him two million dollars in addition to benefits for the Zamalek club, in connection with his departure from the Zamalek club in 2019 and transfer to the club . Portuguese Deportivo Avis, despite the duration of his contract with Zamalek.

Mahmoud Kahraba left Zamalek without the approval of his club’s management despite the duration of his contract to move to Deportivo Avis before he terminated his contract with the Portuguese club and returned to Egypt in January 2020 from Al Ahly Gate as a free agent.


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