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Al-Sadaqah University student creates nanobots to treat blood clotting


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Andrey Kostylev, a third-year medical student at the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, created nanorobots to fight blood clots and atherosclerosis.

These nanorobots are injected into the radial artery and controlled by a magnetic field and delivered to the right place, where they release a drug they carry to dissolve the accumulated plaque or blood clot, he said.

He says: “This idea came to me in a dream two years ago when I was a freshman at the time. I dreamed that robots in the form of insects would fly in the bloodstream. Yes, it’s fantastic. , I decided at that time to develop a microstructure that would allow remote treatment of atherosclerosis and blood clots.”

Then Andrei Kostylev designed a model of nanorobots with a microscopic oval structure, capable of delivering medicine directly to the right place in order to break plaques and blood clots from the inside.

“Robots are inserted into the radial artery and controlled remotely using a software and hardware complex, while the patient does not feel anything, even when he is fully conscious,” he says.

To implement this project and attract investors, Kostylev assembled a team of students and young researchers from specialized universities, and after the team’s victory in the competitions of the SberStudent accelerator, he was able to attract investors, since the amounts invested in this project are estimated at more than 40 million rubles, part of of which – the Russian Direct Investment Fund, and the rest – the private sector.

Source: Izvestia newspaper.

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