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Al-Sisi comments on Egypt’s import of 90% edible oil… and gives advice to citizens due to high prices


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Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi commented that Egypt imports more than 90% of its vegetable oil needs.

The Egyptian President said about the availability of oil in the local market: “Dr. Mostafa and I said yesterday that we are importing 2.5 million tons of oil, which is more than 90% of our needs, and we are working on a plan to grow 52,000 acres of soybeans this year and 500,000 acres of soybeans next year to increase local soybean oil to benefit an Egyptian farmer.

President El Sisi added in his speech today, Thursday, at the opening of the industrial city of Silo Foods, that in the country for 30 or 40 years the population has increased by a very large percentage, but at that time the state was not able to cope with this large increase. .

And he continued: “I assure citizens that there is a product and there is no problem, and the crisis that has passed us over the past two or three months will not happen again, and God willing, we will continue our path better than we are. were.”

Al-Sisi added: “If you find a store with a price tag, don’t buy from it. The Ministry of the Interior and the Department of Supply have the ability to set and control prices.”

Egypt has announced its intention to plant more than 750,000 acres of oilseeds over the next year, reduce oil imports and rely on local alternatives.

The Egyptian government said in a statement on Monday that we are aiming to bring the area under cotton cultivation to 500,000 feddans next year due to the fact that it enjoys a high percentage of oil in addition to oil, as the area under cotton . this year reached 320,000 feddans, which was confirmed by the Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Mr.

The government is seeking to expand local production of crude oil by increasing oilseed production, providing essential seeds, and encouraging contract farming to provide products to citizens.

Egyptian Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli said that about 100,000 acres of corn will be planted this year, and this area will increase to 500,000 acres next year, and 90,000 acres of sunflower will be cultivated this year, and it is planned to increase it to 250,000 acres. , Next year.

Source: RT

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