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Al-Sisi talks about the biggest deal in the history of Egypt


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Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi spoke about the largest deal implemented by the Russian-Hungarian consortium represented by Transmashholding.

Al-Sisi said during a press conference that he had discussed with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban ways to increase bilateral economic cooperation between the two countries and ways to invest in Egypt, especially the Suez Canal, in addition to working to increase the number of tourists between two countries, in addition to supplying more than 1,350 people. A rail car from Hungary on time, and they also discussed how to develop the railways in Egypt.

Al-Sisi explained that bilateral talks between him and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban led to discussions on ways to strengthen economic relations between the two countries and agree on the benefits to Hungarian investors in Egypt, especially in the economic area of ​​the Suez Canal. zone.

The Egyptian President added that the talks focused on strengthening ties between Egyptian and Hungarian companies, sharing experience in agriculture and irrigation, cooperation in overcoming the food and energy crisis and increasing the number of tourists between the two countries.

President El Sisi noted that relations between Egypt and Hungary are exemplary and full of political consensus, explaining that 7 years ago, during the visit of the Hungarian Prime Minister to Egypt, they represented real support for Egypt.

President Al-Sisi emphasized that at that time Hungary represented for us in the European Union a voice that interpreted and conveyed the true picture of what was happening in Egypt.

The 1,300 wagon deal is the largest in the history of Egyptian railways in terms of the number of wagons, their variety and their financial value. since the agreement stipulates that the Russian company will install a production line at the 200th military plant for joint production. The company is also refurbishing the Kom Abu Radi workshops at a cost of €30 million of the total value of the deal.

Source: RT

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