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Al-Sisi talks about the situation of Mohammed bin Zayed when the ships headed from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea towards Egypt.


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Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi expressed Egypt’s position of support for Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, President of the United Arab Emirates.

Al-Sisi said during the world government summit in Dubai: Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed will be upset because of me, but this is what he says to the people of the Emirates and anyone who likes to hear about the support of the brothers.

He added: Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed came to visit Egypt, and the first time I saw him, at that time there were queues in Egypt and there was no stove, no gas, no gasoline, no diesel.

And he continued: “I think of the people in Egypt before I think of myself, and also of the people here in the UAE, that Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed came with a delegation and knows what is required. Al-Ahmar contains butane, gas, diesel, and gasoline. I think of myself and the thoughts of those who want to think. This was the first bright spot, and Sheikh Mohammed arranged with his brothers the support that would be given to Egypt, and without him Egypt would not have stood up again.

Source: Cairo 24

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