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Alan Wake 2 Release Date and Storage Requirements: Pre-Load Details Revealed


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Alan Wake 2 – Release Details and Storage Requirements

Alan Wake 2 – Release Details and Storage Requirements

Even though we’ve already had a few big releases this month, October’s not over yet, and there’s still the long-awaited Alan Wake 2 to come.

Arriving on October 27, 2023, thanks to the ever-reliable PlayStationSize Twitter account, we now know how much space on their console’s SSD players will have to set aside for Remedy’s new horror story.

Specifically version 1.000.001 of Alan Wake 2 will take up a total 79.775 GB, and you’ll be able to pre-load your copy beginning October 25, 2023 at midnight ET.

Alan Wake 2 is the long awaited sequel to Remedy Entertainment’s Alan Wake, which originally released in 2010 for Xbox platforms, and finally came to PlayStation with a remaster released in 2021.

Before the remaster, hope that Alan Wake would get a sequel was non-existent for most fans, though director of the first and now the second game, Sam Lake says he never felt like the sequel wouldn’t happen.

To him, this sequel was a sure thing, and now that we’re only days away, fans couldn’t be happier for his prescience.

Source – PlayStationSize on Twitter

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