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Alarming Findings: 80% of Ice in Italian Alps Could Disappear by 2060, Leading to Droughts


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Scientists Warn of Alarming Ice Loss in Italian Alps

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Scientists have recently revealed that the ice cover in the Alps region of Italy is undergoing significant changes, which can now be observed with the naked eye.

Alarming Predictions

According to the Italian news agency ANSA, data collected by the environmental department of Greenpeace Italy and scientists from the Italian Committee of Glaciology (CGI) suggests that about 80 percent of the ice in the Italian Alps may vanish by 2060. This rapid ice loss could lead to severe droughts in the area.

First Expedition Results

Experts recently conducted the first expedition to the Forni Valley glacier in the Stelvoe National Park. The findings were alarming, as it was discovered that the glacier is losing over 50 percent of its thickness compared to 2022. If this trend continues, it is projected that the glacier could completely disappear by 2060. In fact, during just four days in August, the glacier lost 37 cm of thickness, which is significantly higher than the average daily rate of 6 cm.

Visible Changes

The impact of climate change on the Forni Valley glacier is clearly visible. Over the past century and a half, the glacier has lost approximately 10 square kilometers, or half of its area. Additionally, the ice front has retreated by 400 meters in less than a decade.

Implications for Water Supply

The Italian Commission for Glaciology warns that if these trends continue, up to 80 percent of the ice area in the Italian Alps could disappear by 2060. This would have a significant impact on the availability of meltwater, leading to more severe droughts in the region within the next 30-40 years.

Future Expeditions

To further study the impact of climate change, a second expedition is planned to the Mig Glacier in the Aosta Valley, scheduled to begin at the end of August.

Source: TASS

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