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Alec Baldwin has been charged with manslaughter


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Washington, February 1 – The New Mexico US Attorney’s Office has officially charged actor Alec Baldwin with the manslaughter of a paparazzi, according to official documents.
Materials submitted to the court allege that on the western set he produced “Rust” (“Rust”), Baldwin in fact neglected mandatory training in handling firearms. He failed to request at least two inspections of the handgun by a public gunsmith and directed it to operator Galina Hutchins in violation of the “first rule of gun safety”.
“Baldwin’s deviation from known standards, practices and protocols directly led to Hutchins’ death … There is ample reason to believe that Baldwin committed manslaughter,” the document says.

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The attorney general’s office intends to file a similar charge against Hana Guterres Reid, the gunsmith in the film.
In October 2021, Baldwin fired a gun during a rehearsal that turned out not to be loaded with blanks, but with live ammunition. As a result, Galina Hutchins, a native of Ukraine, died, and director Joel Souza was seriously injured. The actor stated that he did not pull the trigger of the gun from which the photographer was killed. He said the shot happened spontaneously.

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