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Algerian Star Excluded from Team for Refusing to End Ramadan Fast, Says French Coach


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African coach Antoine Combouari, coach of the French club Nantes, has expelled his Algerian player Joan Khajam from the team until the end of this month of Ramadan.

The Nantes manager decided to exclude the Algerian from the national team against Reims, whom he lost 3-0 last Sunday in the French League matchday 29, before holding his own again and deciding to exclude him for the second time in a row. in Wednesday’s match against Lyon in the French Cup competition.

As the month began, Ramadan Kwampwari said that his team’s players were not allowed to fast on team match days, and that fasting was only available on training days if they wanted to.

“There are no problems with Hijam. As soon as the month of Ramadan ends, he will rejoin the team,” Kwambwari said in his speech.

And the French coach continued: “No disagreement, this is not a punishment. I am a coach, there are rules that I set for the team. Those who do not respect this will not be elected.”

Khayyam has been playing for Nantes since January last year, his contract runs until 2027.

Joan also opted to represent Algeria at the expense of France last March and took part in his first international match against Niger in the Africa Cup of Nations qualifier, which ended with a clear goal victory for the Desert Warriors.

It is noteworthy that the French Football Federation refused to grant time-outs during matches to allow Muslim players to break their fast, citing neutrality and maintaining equal opportunities for all teams.

Paris Saint-Germain lead the French league table with 66 points, followed by Lens in second place with 60 points.

Source: “Wakalat”

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