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Algeria’s Exports Reach $44 Million in Authentic Products Across 56 Countries


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Algerian Trade Minister Kamal Rizik said that in 11 months of 2022, Algerian exports of authentic products amounted to $44 million to 56 different countries.

Algeria’s Minister of Commerce made the statement during his participation in the national open-door events for the export of authentic products.

The Minister of Commerce confirmed that “more than 60 authentic agricultural products have been counted that can be labeled in Algeria.”

“These products ranged from agricultural products such as carob, truffles, figs and dried figs, to dairy products and cheeses, spices and pickles,” Razik explained.

In addition to “other food products specific to each region, such as sweets and traditional foods, as well as natural honey, essential and medicinal oils, pottery, jewelry and traditional clothing.”

Razik reported, “Carob is the largest original exported product at $31.7 million, followed by molasses and date paste at $2 million, truffles at $1 million, and some other products such as spices at $91,000 and natural honey for $2,500. “

He stressed that the organization of this economic event is in the light of targeting the Algerian consumer and raising their awareness of the demand for natural products without additives and chemicals, emphasizing the importance of valuing as many authentic local products as possible and preserving their natural characteristics. and nutritional properties.

Source: Oras newspaper

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