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Alibaba Cloud Establishes Blockchain Lab to Facilitate Game Development in Japan


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Alibaba Cloud, a leading global cloud computing company affiliated with the Alibaba Group, revealed its intention to set up a blockchain laboratory in Shibuya, Japan in April.

According to an official announcement, the lab aims to promote game development for Japanese developers interested in delving into the web3 field.

Most notably, Alibaba Cloud has partnered with Skeleton Crew Studio, a Japan-based company specializing in virtual reality and game development, to facilitate the creation of a blockchain lab.

Alibaba Cloud indicated that it provided a platform for game developers to further improve their skills in designing games based on blockchain. However, this platform is exclusive to developers already working on collaborative projects with the company and participants in the upcoming web3 Hackathon that will be held across four Asian regions starting April 2nd.

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In addition to the blockchain lab, Alibaba Cloud plans to launch a blockchain node service in Japan. The project is currently in its experimental phase and has been made available to a limited number of users. The new service will provide a more user-friendly interface for developers using Alibaba Cloud infrastructure.

Japan’s efforts to create a Web 3 hub

Alibaba’s recent focus on expanding blockchain services in Japan coincides with an increase in regulatory efforts sparked by the growing adoption of blockchain and digital assets. In January, Japanese financial regulators recommended that cryptocurrency-related entities be subject to regulations similar to traditional banks. This development came on the heels of the FTX debacle.

Moreover, Japan is actively trying to establish itself as a prominent Web3 hub in Asia, with many initiatives supporting this goal. Japanese authorities have shown particular interest in Web3 domains and NFTs, as evidenced by the Japan Liberal Democratic Party’s provisional proposal on Web3 policy.

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