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American GBU-31 Guided Bombs Used by Israel in Gaza Found at Military Exhibition in South Korea


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American GBU-31 Guided Bombs Appear at Military Exhibition in South Korea

At a recent military exhibition in South Korea, American GBU-31 guided bombs were showcased. These are the same type of bombs that Israel uses to strike the Gaza Strip, according to a correspondent from the Russian Novosti agency.

Powerful and Destructive

The GBU-31 guided bomb is known for its immense power, carrying over 400 kg of explosives. With this capability, it is capable of obliterating high-rise buildings.

Precision Targeting

Equipped with Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) guidance systems, the GBU-31 bomb can accurately hit targets at distances ranging from 24 to 28 kilometers. Its margin of error is only 10-12 meters.

Components of the JDAM System

The JDAM system comprises three main components:

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  1. Inertial Unit with a Honeywell HG1700 Laser Gyroscope
  2. Rockwell GEM Navigation and Positioning Device based on GPS Systems
  3. GCU Processor

These components work together seamlessly to enhance the bomb’s capabilities.

Inertial Unit

The inertial unit monitors the bomb’s size and speed along three levels as it moves towards its target. It also provides the guidance system with crucial information about any deviation from the calculated trajectory.

Navigation Device

The navigation device determines the current location of the bomb, ensuring accurate positioning.

GCU Processor

The GCU processor analyzes the data from the inertial unit and navigation device, utilizing an algorithm to calculate the bomb’s precise location and optimal trajectory towards the target.

Source: News+agencies

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