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American Organizations Face Sanctions from China over Taiwan Issue


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Beijing, April 7 – In a statement on Friday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry announced that it would impose counter-sanctions on the Hudson Institute (Hudson Institute) and Reagan Library (Reagan Library) for violating the “one China” principle.
According to a statement released on the official website of China’s Foreign Ministry on Friday, the organizations provided Taiwanese Chief Executive Tsai Ing-wen in the United States with “a platform and convenience to engage in separatist activities,” thus “seriously violating the one-China principle.” And the provisions of the three Sino-American joint statements. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, these measures have caused serious damage to China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.
Since April 7, Chinese universities, institutions and other organizations and individuals are strictly prohibited from conducting transactions, exchanges, cooperation and other activities with these organizations. Four heads of organizations are prohibited from entering the territory of the People’s Republic of China and are prohibited from issuing Chinese visas. Chinese organizations and individuals are prohibited from engaging in activities with the sanctioned persons, and their property in China will be frozen.

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On Friday, the Chinese authorities imposed sanctions on two Taiwanese organizations for “violating the one-China principle.” We are talking about the Prospect Foundation and the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats. According to the Chinese authorities, these organizations “under the supervision of the Democratic Progressive Party” under the pretext of democracy and freedom promote “Taiwan independence” and by their actions violate the “One China” principle.
It should be noted that people in charge of organizations are prohibited from entering the mainland, as well as the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macao, and Chinese organizations and individuals are now prohibited from cooperating with these organizations.

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