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Americans Suspect Something Amiss After Biden’s Wife’s Statement


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Moscow, March 7 – Readers of the New York Post reacted negatively to the statement of US President Joe Biden’s wife, Jill, regarding her husband’s cognitive test.
As the First Lady of the United States said in an interview with CNN, her husband will not be subject to an intelligence test, and called the idea of ​​offering such a test to applicants for the highest position over the age of 75 “ridiculous.” The author of this idea is the former governor of South Carolina and former US representative to the UN Nikki Haley, who intends to participate in the 2024 presidential election.
User Paul Vincent Zicino writes: “Well, passing the test would put an end to all doubts, wouldn’t it? People who have something to hide do their best to do so.”
And SniffMyNeck suggested that “the fact that she even takes such ‘counter-crisis measures’ means that there is something very serious with the ‘big guy’ (Biden’s nickname. – Ed.).

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“The pseudo-doctor Gill says, ‘Look at this guy[Biden. – Ed.]look at what he’s doing. This alone is 100% an excuse to test his competence,'” OnTheScene said.
“Of course, Biden would never take an aptitude test, because tests have results – pass or fail. We know what the test results will be,” said Joe Kashi.
“Jill already knows the outcome of this test,” said an unidentified Scott.
“She fears he will be recognized as incompetent, and then she will lose First Lady status and living space in the White House,” PCN56 suggested.
“He wouldn’t have passed any[exam – ed.]15 years ago, let alone today!” Cyplik chip added.

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