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An artificial intelligence program that creates a virtual world for introverts full of social life.


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Artificial intelligence could now allow people to reinvent social life by creating images that suggest they’ve attended a party that never happened and with friends that don’t exist.

Twitter user Miles created a realistic-looking group using the Midjourney artificial intelligence system, which generated images of women smiling at the camera.

The photos seem to be candid shots of friends at a party, but a closer look may reveal the opposite.

However, the excessive number of fingers drew criticism, with one user saying that they look like “a nest of strange appendages that have popped up to devour their owner.”

AI-generated photos of “people” at a party look eerily realistic – until you take a closer look

— Daily Mail USA (@DailyMail) January 16, 2023

Medjourney is an artificial intelligence program that creates images from text descriptions.

This means users enter keywords for what they want to do, AI generates images based on the theme, and Miles shares the theme with AI party photos, the first group to feature only women.

Two photographs show two women taking pictures while looking into a mirror – one of them is holding what appears to be a camera.

The other two shots show candid shots of the three friends smiling and looking ahead.

In addition to a large number of fingers, women also have many teeth.

While many users laugh at the bug, Miles found that the AI ​​can be biased when creating “humans”.

One photo taken by Midjourney looked like it was taken in real life, but users noticed errors in the eyes, however Jon Hoops tweeted that AI is now offering a new tool for “home introverts”.

And these people can “create a vibrant social life for their online personas. No one can deny that they were at a party that never happened and was attended by imaginary friends. For those who ‘need more’, this might be the place to go.” -Twitter users. published.

The AI ​​also creates images that look like they were made by a graphic designer.

In September, the artwork was awarded the first blue ribbon and $300 prize after winning the digital category at the Colorado Fine Arts Fair competition.

Source: Daily Mail

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