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An Epic Showdown: Iceman vs. Pop-MMA’s Manager


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Former Russian MMA fighter Jeff Monson played in an exhibition boxing match with the manager of many famous Armenian pop MMA fighters Artur Vardanyan.

This fight became the highlight of the evening of professional boxing in the capital of Russia, Moscow, today, on Monday, and it was also held according to the rules of boxing, but with some changes: it consisted of three rounds, and each time was limited to only two minutes instead of three minutes.

It is noteworthy that Jeff Monson, an American mixed martial arts fighter who received Russian citizenship in 2018 and became a deputy of the Krasnogorsk City Council of the Moscow Region, is in the process of renouncing American citizenship, as he declared himself recently.

Jeff Monson is 52 years old, was born in the United States of America and participated in this country in various martial arts and federations, including many fights within the Federation (UFC) of mixed martial arts (MMA).

During his professional career, Monson has 61 wins, 27 losses and two draws.

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