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An investment consultant revealed why a dollar at 50 rubles is more realistic than at 100


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Moscow, December 29 – If next year the world is not covered by another economic catastrophe, the dollar will cost 72-75 rubles. Andrei Schenk, director of the investment advisory department at Otkritie Investments, said in an interview with the Prime agency that there are other options.
In the event of a recession, the world is waiting for cheaper energy resources and other goods, which will affect the Russian economy. It will face a decline in export earnings, while imports of goods will continue to recover. However, a euro or a dollar can only cost 100 rubles if the fiscal rule is activated in its original form or if capital controls are abandoned.
“Neither one nor the other is expected in the near future,” Schenck said.

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If we are faced with another geopolitical crisis that does not affect Russia – for example, in the Middle East – there is a high probability of a rise in oil and metal prices. And he concluded that then we will be able to make good money on this and the dollar will again approach the 50-ruble mark.

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