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Analysis of Recent Attack on Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza: Expert Suggests US-Made Proximate Fuse Bomb


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Analysis of Recent Attack on Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza

According to an expert, the recent attack on the Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza was carried out using a US-made “proximate fuse” bomb. The expert also refuted Israel’s claims that the missile was launched from inside Gaza.

Possible Use of MK-84 Guided Bomb

Engin Yigit, a retired military officer and ammunition specialist, stated that there is a strong possibility that the attack was carried out using an MK-84 guided bomb. He pointed out that there were no craters, which supports this theory.

Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM)

Yigit explained that the bomb may have been equipped with a JDAM, a guidance system that allows precise strikes. By attaching a kit to the bomb, it can be guided to the target accurately.

Fuses and Bomb Blast Height

Yigit mentioned that there are different fuses to detonate bombs, some of which can explode upon impact, while others can explode at a specific moment and height before impact. Bombs with close fuses or sensors may not create craters when they explode. In the case of the hospital attack in Gaza, this could be a possibility.

Denial of Missile Launch from Gaza

A defense expert refuted Israel’s claims that the attack on the hospital was caused by a missile fired from within Gaza. Murat Aslan, a senior researcher, stated that it is unrealistic and argued that if such a missile had been launched, the Israeli “Iron Dome” air defense system should have been activated.

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Explosion Impact and Unlikelihood of Precise Strike

Aslan explained that in attacks targeting populated areas, the fuse of the munition can be delayed to explode above the ground before hitting the target, increasing the impact. If the attack was caused by a missile of this size, it would have been difficult for Islamic Jihad to carry out such a precise strike without being intercepted by Israeli air defenses.

Unreliable Claim of Howitzer

Aslan dismissed Israel’s claim that the attack was caused by a “howitzer” due to the required range. He emphasized that the howitzer munition’s range is much shorter and cannot cause such a large number of casualties.

Possible Use of MK82 Bomb

Aslan suggested that there is a high probability that the ammunition used in the attack was dropped from a warplane. He emphasized the possibility of Israel using the MK82 bomb, which can be guided through a kit.


The attack on Ahli Baptist Hospital resulted in a high death toll. The exact details of the attack and the ammunition used need further investigation, which is currently challenging due to the circumstances.

Background of the Conflict

The conflict began with Hamas launching Operation Al-Aqsa Flood in response to the storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque and increasing violence by Israeli settlers. In retaliation, the Israeli army launched Operation Iron Swords against Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip. The death toll is significant on both sides, with thousands of Palestinians and Israelis losing their lives.

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