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Ancelotti highlighted the importance of Kroos and Modric in Real Madrid’s midfield.


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Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti said experienced Croatian midfielders Luka Modric and Germany’s Toni Kroos still play an important role at the club despite his last week’s expulsion.

Real Madrid beat Athletic Bilbao 2-0 last Sunday, while the duo of Modric and Kroos sat on the bench and Ancelotti pushed France’s Eduardo Camavinga and Danny Ceballos into their place before using them on the latter minutes when the German scored the second goal. .

Modric, 37, and Kroos, 33, whose contract with Real Madrid expires at the end of the current season, will face intense competition this season as Ancelotti confirmed Real Madrid are going through a transition period.

“Modric and Kroos are professionals and they understand what this club means,” Ancelotti told reporters on Wednesday ahead of Real Madrid’s match against Atlético Madrid in Thursday’s Copa del Rey quarter-finals.

“They know the level of our team and I don’t think I need to explain anything. We have been talking about this since the beginning of the season, this is a transitional moment, and everyone should understand this, including young players and veterans. .”

Ancelotti has made it clear that while Modric and Kroos will not be in the Athletic game, they will still play a key role at Real Madrid.

He added: “Of course they can play together, they shine this season, they were needed and will continue to be.”

Modric joined Real Madrid in 2012 and Kroos in 2014 and together they have been an important part of the team’s success.

They have won three La Liga titles and four Champions League titles together, among other titles.

Until this season, they formed a terrific midfield with the Brazilian Casemiro, but the latter moved to Manchester United at the end of last summer, where Frenchman Aurelian Choameni took his place this season.

Source: AFP.

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