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And in the United States, it was reported about a mass exodus from the positions of the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine


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Moscow, February 18 – Colonel Douglas McGregor, a former adviser to the head of the Pentagon, said that the Ukrainian army leaves its front-line positions en masse, which is why they are executed and tortured by the SBU. A recording of the interview is available on the officer’s YouTube blog.
Earlier, MacGregor predicted the elimination of tens of thousands of foreign mercenaries fighting on the side of the Kiev regime. According to him, the supply of weapons and trainers will not help the Armed Forces of Ukraine to change the situation “on the ground”.

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In addition, the colonel announced the collapse of the defense units of the Ukrainian forces in the southern direction of the special operation. The American specialist emphasized that thanks to the advanced tactics of the Russian army, using competent reconnaissance and targeting, it manages to advance at the front and move forward.

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