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Antarctica’s Shrinking Ice Ring Reaches Record Low


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It has become clear to scientists that the ice ring around Antarctica is melting at a catastrophic rate, as the third major reduction in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthis ice is recorded this year.

The Guardian notes that on February 25 it became clear that the area of ​​this ice was reduced by 1.79 million square kilometers.

“We’re seeing a decrease in ice everywhere,” says Will Hobbs of the University of Tasmania, an expert on sea ice in Antarctica. “It’s a polar-ocean phenomenon.”

It should be noted that the acceleration of ice melting will lead to an increase in the water level in the oceans. And that the greatest danger is the Thwaites ice in the Amundsen Sea, known as (doomsday ice), as its melting will lead to an increase in the water level in the world’s oceans by half a meter.

Overall, space-based researchers have found that the area of ​​the ice ring in Antarctica has decreased to its lowest value in 44 years, resulting in a thinning of the thickness of the ice ring and thus an increase in the area of ​​the ice ring. the impact of storms on ice shelves.

“We don’t want to lose sea ice where ice shelves are at risk,” says Meat England, an oceanographer and climate scientist at the University of South Wales.

For his part, Arian Beric, a climatologist at Monash University, notes that the reduction in sea ice is consistent with all the developed climate models that indicate global warming. She says, “So there is a broad consensus on this issue.”

She adds: “Antarctica may seem far away, but the changes taking place there could affect the global climate. Melting ice sheets will affect all coastal regions of the world.”

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